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tv   Headline News  RT  August 27, 2014 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the russian and ukrainian presidents hold one on one meeting and discuss the crisis in eastern ukraine but military shells continue to fall with a chemical plant among the latest targets in the crisis. new figures suggesting over a thousand britons have joined the jihad in the middle east with critics saying the policy of multiculturalism could well be to blame. and the debate over the use of civilian drones in the us grows the number of near collisions rises as fast as the popularity of the unmanned flight.
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this hour's top world headlines live on r.t. international. welcome to the program and this handshake right here was the key moment of an international summit in belarus on tuesday vladimir putin ukraine's president held their first official one on one meeting the to discuss the crisis in eastern ukraine but there was no breakthrough which is to end the violence. now with the. the talks lasted for several hours for almost two hours as a matter of fact and they finished well after midnight the conversation revolved around the situation in eastern ukraine russian president said that they did not discuss the terms of the cease fire but if you go to them if it should we didn't talk in detail about it and frankly speaking russia can propose any conditions for a cease fire or possible. this is ukraine's affairs we can only try to help to create an atmosphere of trust during these
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negotiations that are in my view very necessary having said that russian president also mentioned that moscow in kiev have agreed that he can in tearing aid is indeed needed in the south eastern regions of ukraine now it comes to gas just get we know that russia and ukraine seem to have agreed on renewal of talks that have been previously stalled they will be renewed with a u.s. participation now russian president said that russia has indeed cut off the gas supply to kiev but only because ukraine has stopped being and of course this situation could also involved european consumers because there had been previous instances when gas that was being exported from russia to europe was siphoned off by ukraine obviously this is something that russia wants to prevent from happening get it again when we were waiting for this meeting to start we were watching closely as the two presidents were arriving to the presidential palace and the
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minute russian president has set foot inside you could see that he was a man feeling absolutely confident in what was about to happen he was all smiles we couldn't say the same about ukrainian president his facial expressions left us wondering about the complexity of the emotions that he was feeling but then of course there was that very first handshake between the two presidents for the first time telling the tone of hope for the upcoming meeting and it does seem that indeed perhaps we have seen some. movement forward then of course now it's down to. the to the actions had to start taking place but by the end of the talks here in minsk russian president said that he is happy with the way they went he called them positive. people in eastern ukraine remain under a barrage of shells launched by government forces here have says it's targeting only rebel fighters but of course residential areas continue to get hammered.
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we go. back to view of. five. hundred one of the latest attacks a large chemical plant employing three thousand people came under heavy fire it's not the first time though it's been hit by army shelling is. because she went. the ukrainian army is closing in on the city of donetsk ukraine hockney's obsolete and government fighters this is my kiev case some twenty five kilometers away two chemical plants came under attack bringing the war to a new level fire raged in the donates region not far from the deadly sites we're at
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one of the largest factories in ukraine of chemicals and coal and as you can see in the last few hours it has come under shelling yet the heart of the building has been damaged you can actually still smell in the air this smell of burning so there is firing from within here outside the city and there's also the constant fear that any moment now but ukrainian military will shell again we're trying at least to get to the center of the nantz because here it is too dangerous. a show for just there let me show you where. this is what is left of the show. but others fear and now the charitable could be on the horizon that in its krege and has nearly four thousand dangerous factories and facilities to hit on any one of them would pose a threat to the entire area and indiscriminate punishment to fighters and civilians alike we're talking about hours before they are graded in the atmosphere. because
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we're talking about here which should be priority related. risks in most of these cases will be. problems. in ways events nearby the plans are not taking any chances. this is a second day where staying in the basement de i came into the apartment to get some things and then the shelling resumed so we had to hide again now we're in the basement without food without drink and without water or money it's been dangerous here since the morning some houses have been hit on the edge of the neighborhood this is part of a ruckus that was fired from a grad missile launcher more and more these are landing here in civilian areas of course the r.t. . eastern ukraine and a russian journalist who's been missing in ukraine for three weeks now will be on the front page of a german daily newspaper this is what one is there one says edition i should say of
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the left wing looks like a global campaign in support of the better in a war zone for talk then kicked off almost immediately after his disappearance online users have spread the freon to hash tag around the world of human rights groups have called on kiev to find and release him. so good to have you with us today for the program or the latest figures showing just how many europeans are going to fight in syria and iraq is presenting a sobering insight into just how the serious approach of the problem has become certainly in the past few months in fact security services are estimating up to one thousand young british residents have joined the jihadi fighting in the middle east and up to two hundred fifty hardliners have believed to have returned to the u.k. posing a rather large headache for security and police and this new terror threat has left
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the authorities wondering just how much the official policy of multiculturalism is to blame is ati's marina costa rica multiculturalism was one celebrated as the way forward but after thirty years of cultivates in it and britain it's now being blamed for foster an extremist ideology and directly contributed to homegrown islamic terror for too long the doctrine of multiculturalism has led to immigrants establishing completely separate communities in our cities these are the honor killings female genital circumcision and the establishment of sharia law in a city pockets throughout the u.k. islamic radicals should be challenged with the values of liberal democracy. why issues to do with multiculturalism in britain which i think has led to death so i was a shoe in then sort of balsam up the past side that has occurred i think unfortunately it is there is going to be an extent to it too little too late it's british police
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are now preparing for raids across the country in their bid to find out exactly who is just hard to the british suspect beheaded american journalist james foley but many fear there's more than one jihadi john around and want the government to take more drastic measures therefore automatic suspicion that if you have travelled to the isis region in this period of time that you are in some way in a conflict there i think that it's only right that that suspicion exists and i think all of those individuals that have travelled to the region need to be investigated by the intelligence services and quite possibly by the police if they return to the home secretary currently has the power to strip citizenship from two or nationals who are fighting abroad this also applies to immigrants who have become naturalized citizens but a home office lawyers argue that a country can't make its citizens stateless and the other side of the story is
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muslim communities living here in the u.k. the part of violence has increased extreme nationalism everything up over that maybe made a dollar time frame to ever their lives dramatically. so i'm quite sickened by the political right to constantly have a go at multiculturalism as of multiculturalism is the major problem we are getting a gradual sense of of a drip drip of cases which comes in from the trojan horse and we had cases that came in from the isis affair they feel that there's a sense of collective guilt that has been placed on them not just wind of it was that they know but also through the national papers and by politicians who of calling out all. muslims should on through this this so-called hate campaign is seen mostly on the internet with ennis and muslims being the frequent targets of internet trolls even a senior muslim member of a local branch of the anti immigration ukip party has found himself the target of
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online abuse there's a sense of disaffection there's a sense of isolationism and i guess there's also a sense that you know some of the individuals feeling that this is also prejudicial in its own right by assuming all of the muslim community has to answer to something they have absolutely no control of the war of extremism is now raging just as much as that of nationalism the problem for the government is finding a fine line so it doesn't end up falling into either camp during the course of our reports or from london for at sea and the rise of prose you had a sentiment in the u.k. has also forced the government to consider how to deal with newly converted to radicals in the home secretary theresa may has outlined a series of new laws that will see people who travel to syria or iraq investigated by the security services and police for those with dual nationality will be
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stripped of their citizenship and excluded from the u.k. as she also on the line did underline changes that would see naturalized britons fighting abroad stripped of their citizenship as well and while those returning from the war zones will be subject to prosecution political analyst david vance believes the whole of europe should be taking this issue very seriously. i think europe faces some very great challenges it does have within its borders a very. european population and a very young and fast growing muslim population and we see that manifest in countries such as france and belgium right across the place. these people do not appear to have the same values of those old european nations and therefore the question has to be who are all that laid and i think where that leads will be major trouble and potential violence right across europe and of course it's been
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facilitated by the e.u. opening its borders and allowing into these countries people from very very different cultures who fall who hold very very different views. still to come here an aussie international a woman survives one year without spending and the cash. why she took on the challenge of life without money and how she failed outside the matrix. also ahead for you a tiny decisive we report on how a young russian scientist has taught nano particles to think for themselves. we think of the way we think. beaches. coconut palms we swayed in the ocean breeze. and frank. why he has
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a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know. through all the way. to oh i did do a search you did a pig and all will get a new. hello again it's r t international civilian drones are now so popular in america the law
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to control them is failing to keep up let's show you an online map right here of commercial flights over the u.s. that we've taken in just the last few hours from a flight radar twenty four dot com it shows just how busy the skies over america really are from day to day and this is the main reason why some critics say civilian drones are unwanted guests in this kind of airspace and perhaps their worries seem justified because the number of near collisions has actually risen drastically directly in collaboration with a number of drones in operation as well for example in march a u.s. airways pilot reported a near miss with a tiny drone of a tallahassee airport in florida in the state capital then in the guard in new york they registered a black drone zipping towards a larger aircraft just seventeen one hundred meters above lower manhattan and planes near los angeles international airport they said they once saw an
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unidentified aircraft the size of a rubbish bin just outside the window and these are just three of fifteen registered cases let's get more now with our tease guy nature can. commercial drones are about to flood the u.s. air space amazon is seeking permission from regulators to test its delivery drones to very soon drones may be delivering your online orders earlier this summer the federal aviation administration gave all giant b.p. the first permission to use a commercial drone to fly aerial surveys over their operation in alaska congress says another year to decide on rules and regulations for commercial drones but they're already here flying legally and mostly illegally often to the horror of airline pilots the number of dangerously close encounters with unmanned aircraft is rising rapidly as more drones big and small take to the air pilots like greg cromer are raising the alarm i cannot see them they're too small or too fast and they're
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too erratic another airplane in the sky i know is going this way bedroom can go this way down fast without any warning they can change directions so there's no amount of preparation there's no amount of vigilance that's going to completely make me or any other pilot say america's aviation washed out says pilots have reported fifteen close calls with small dros near airports in the past two years and nasa database of confidential complaints filed by pilots and air traffic controllers has recorded fifty other reports of close calls involving drones over the past decade in many cases it is not possible to track down the on registered aircraft and who's flying them but when in july a small drone came dangerously close to a police helicopter in new york two of its operators were arrested not only are the drones able to fly off radar they also crash in the last five years two hundred
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thirty six all safe incident has been reported and that's only among registered drawl. what happens if one of these things falls and hits a kid. if it's a politician's kid we won't have to worry about drones anymore. here are. the rapid expansion in the use of drones many concerns ranging from safety to privacy. get their hands on drones anyway while business is. exploring all the wonderful ways they could use the remotely controlled aircraft one operations coordinated with the national air traffic controllers association described the upcoming integration of drones international airspace as the tsunami headed for the front porch after all the us is the busiest airspace in the world it's about to get busier and possibly more dangerous in washington i'm going to check on. and plenty
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more stories for you right now on our web site including payback time for the. stricken fukushima nuclear. core rules the company is to blame for the death of one woman who suffered severe depression and committed suicide in the wake of the tragedy. also one for you a u.s. senator calls for americans. to move to avoid paying taxes. so small you can't even see them but they are clever enough to make their own decisions a russian scientist. has spent twenty thousand dollars of his own money to teach nanoparticles to work out right from wrong. doing. imagine trainee microscopic robots being able to work inside the human body to hope treat illnesses sounds like science fiction right well this man right here
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is aiming to make it a reality and as a scientist who's been doing some amazing research in the technologies thank you very much for coming here your studies have been published in many science magazines and it really sounds impressive and amazing for scientists but for a girl like me and softly speaking out an expert in the spirit can you just explain how does this stuff work. so basically what we have done that we can take really any man a particle in transform it into. by a computer so basically a tiny nano particle which is a very very small particle is equipped with some opportunity to actually. perform calculations so little robots are able to do some sort of action to help treat the body this is what you're talking yes but what we have done is that. you could
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the particle with the ability to process information about the biochemical information inside the body we are in basically so that given that none of the articles more control over its behavior so that it doesn't like attacked. anything in the. healthy cells and disease cells and so on we've given more control so that if we actually see is that the reason oprah problem at all then they can just do no harm to healthy what sort of illnesses are we talking about here that potentially could be treated which would be i would talk about cancer or. potential we can see that it might be. for cancer for different type of inflammations and so on just thinking of period in the body of fighting diseases and so on i think these technologies is very promising to some other news i'm around the world here on r.t. international world update time israel and hamas they've actually agreed upon
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a long term ceasefire brokered by the egyptian government the palestinians say the indefinite truce will see an easing of the israeli blockade and help them to rebuild their war torn area. into the bombed out streets of gaza to celebrate the end of hostilities claimed the agreement as a victory for the resistance but seven weeks of intense fighting left well over two thousand palestinians dead most of them civilians sixty eight people killed on the israeli side. and dozens of mainly in nigeria and libyan refugees rallied outside the u.s. embassy in berlin seeking asylum in america they demanded a u.s. official come and speak with them saying otherwise they'll be left to sleep in the streets the protesters complained of a lack of support from the german government and europe some claim to be living in germany as refugees for over two years with no money or a job. and fifteen people were killed forty eight injured when a bus collided with
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a truck on a highway in northwest china it broke through the central partition swerved into the opposite lane and impacted the lorry the side of the accident was so badly damaged the whole area's been cordoned off for repair work and the bus was reportedly overloaded with passengers. so food clothing other necessities they say in this life nothing comes for free but whoever they are well. one german woman who just wasn't. in a modern world where advertisers are constantly out to convince consumers that they need new products it can be tempting to give it up and live a much simpler life one german woman in the city of light seek did just that i miss hope with running to greater tarbush to for twelve months trying to simulate a world without. making her own clothes bartering with people. what we could eat it and growing her own food i get my knife not easy in the center of
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a city i was very hopeful to grow thing by myself the point is the earth is just not ready for that the soil so i called my mother she took her car and broads a huge amount of soil from my home country for into this is where my mother put soil and this is where she did so what are we learning you always it's always good to have a good mother mother earth. living like this doesn't give you the most very diet and summer and autumn it's easy to live from what you get from the fields but in when did get rain difficult in the cabin and potatoes. and stuff so it's not so much fun all of which asks the question why do it if it was not about just an adventurous trip into surviving stuff but it was
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a thought of how do i get back to the core of things because i can and if i just go to the supermarket to pay for it i don't know anything about the value just because i know the prize when looking for things to reuse the junk is an excellent resource so i joined in a friend turned for a session of what they called dumpster diving. it's not so bad for a lamp maybe you put some some paper here. colorful paper. put some strings here and you already digging through the discarded items could give a glimpse into the recent past planted document of. this is all documents of life that we find here but the scene in the pictures is always a. very intimate moment. we routed a story of a year without counting into a three hundred page book called apocalypse now i wanted to know what she felt the
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experience taught or think in the end it was the kind of complete brainwash i had to overthink all my consuming had beards the way i go shopping the way i. feed myself the way i live actively or how oh you eat this is trash. i found something for you the idea behind great is experiment wasn't to convince people to give up on consumerism entirely but to show that with a little thought and some hard effort we can become more self-reliant. and that one person's trash can be a not this treasure but to all of our artsy leipzig germany well thanks for joining us here in our international today. after the break aaron aid is looking into the fast food a mega merger between the king of burgers and canada's donut captain but rather u.k.i.p. martin is hosting an exclusive debate on the israeli palestinian conflict hope you
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can stay with us for that. gender trungpa symbolizes the gender madness in swedish of gideon meir because i found this. project. with seventy thousand euro to investigate the trunk from a gender perspective. lisa tried to explain. the pulling out of your news for your life or it's your teaching everybody. sometimes me. oh oh well. my own life but.
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let's say the. skis is enough to eat. sometimes for nothing. this season and it's going to look just keep on still we can still be jobst if you see a stage eight look to be. but speech was. leaked. the single greatest thing that got america out of the depression was the securities act of thirty three thirty four they restored a law and order to wall street it wasn't anything to do with repricing gold it had nothing to do our very little doing going into world war two it was bringing law and order what's up in europe the disintegration of law and order of the wild west
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mentality of letting a bank like goldman sachs tolling to survive a country like greece for a few quid. hello there i marinated this consume bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today first up central bankers of the world are meeting in the tetons of wyoming this week and we're looking into the topics of discussion at this year's jackson hole wyoming symposium then muni expert miss kate long is on the program kate sat down with me earlier today to discuss the minnesota may have planted city right now and in today's big deal edward harris and i are discussing the fast food mega merger between the king of burgers and the canadian don't it captain sister to morrow.


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